Mic Wireless Auna FU 2 S up to 100 meter

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Mic Wireless Auna FU 2 S up to 100 meter
Spesifikasi Mic wireless Auna Fu 2 S :
1 channel VHF wireless microphone set with dynamic microphone
Compact receiver with metal housing and aluminium front | telescopic antenna.
Connections: 1 x 6.3mm jack mix output | transmission frequencies: 185.80 MHz (VHF) | volume control.
Aunas VHF-1-H wireless microphone set is a device that will meet all your everyday technical requirements for events. | The wireless system includes a dynamic microphone, which captures and enhances the performance intensity of singers, speakers and performers. Thanks to the VHF frequency band, Aunas VHF-1-H wireless system also covers large environments, up to a range of 100 metres.
Thanks to the 6.3 mm jack output you can integrate the sytem into all traditional audio setups.

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